Why I chose The Firehose Project

As I round out my time with The Firehose project, an intense programming boot camp, I am reflecting back on those last few months. It has been quite a ride to say the least.
When I made the decision to really dive into coding and find out more about bootcamps, I was super excited. I originally thought I would just have to plug away and learn on my own with no real direction. I didn’t want to go back to school at all, that was just too expensive. I found out about bootcamps because my son, who is also a programmer told me of a coworker that went to one in the bay area and she loved it. I looked into that – The Dev Bootcamp in SF. It was pretty pricy and I would have to relocate for a good portion of it. While living in SF by myself would have probably been fun, I didn’t really have that option with the family and work.
I was looking a Bloc and also The Firehose project. It really came down to a difference in what materials were being taught. I though a team project was more beneficial than not. I liked the fact that algorythms were taught – as hard as they were. I also valued the mentoring. As it turns out, I have had the best experience with The firehose project! Ken and Marco are the best. They are so involved and really care about their students. My mentor Travis I was paired with was invaluable. He was a wealth of information and had a great nack for teaching.
The cost was also a great point. While there are other ways to learn and cheaply, I felt I needed a bit more. The firehose project was reasonable and I honestly feel I really got every penny worth of education, even more so that in my other college degrees! I have learned so much it would make ones head spin.
As I graduate and begin my journey on my team project and work with other devs to build out a chess game, I look back and feel I made the BEST decision ever. Soon I will have my job that I really enjoy, I will make money while doing something I love and I can work remotely which is the best part because I want to be able to travel more and live – you just can’t do that when your tied to a time clock and a desk. It just doesn’t work for me.


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